About Medical Outreach & Community Assistance of Western New York

Who are we?

We are a group of medical professionals that create and implement an international public health outreach mission to provide healthcare services to men, women and children in remote communities that have limited access to healthcare.

What do we do?

With our team of medical professionals, students, and lay people we perform surgeries for individuals who are in need of medical care; many of whom have little to no healthcare to otherwise cover the costs of these surgeries. These surgeries include: cesarean births, hysterectomies, and fistula repair. We also provide nursing care and community assistance, creating much needed links between healthcare facilities and the outlying communities.

How can I get involved?

There are multiple ways to get involved with MOCA of WNY and contribute to our mission. For example, you can contribute by:

  • Attending our year-round fundraisers and events to raise money for our annual mission trip.
  • Donating much needed supplies and materials.
  • Organizing a group (book club, church, co-workers or friends & family) to purchase over the counter medications.
  • Purchasing (or making) receiving blankets for new born babies.
  • Becoming a volunteer or sponsor with our organization.
  • Creating your own unique idea!